About me

I started my career like most good journalists, down the pub. Training to be a dancer I soon discovered that working part- time in my local was much more fun. It wasn’t just the free flowing booze ( although that certainly helped) the fact was, I enjoyed the¬†company. Listening to the various characters who frequented the bar made me realise that people are fascinating and everyone has a story to tell.

After completing my post graduate diploma in broadcast journalism at the London College of Printing (LCP) I worked as a news reporter for Piccadilly Radio in Manchester and BRMB in Birmingham.  I moved to the rival BBC Radio WM and, after a spell in regional television, was given the role of bi-media manager, liaising between radio and television.

When BBC News 24 was set up, I was appointed Senior Broadcast Journalist responsible for a high profile rolling news service. After having my first child I went part-time, following my second, I took redundancy from the BBC and after number three became a fully fledged freelancer writing newspaper and magazine features.

I am currently the editor of two local digital news services and care passionately about my patch.

Music ( particularly live) is one of my major interests and (when I’m not dancing at local gigs) I can often be found bashing on my drums with the optimistic belief that one day I will get to perform again.

I love theatre and film and completing an MA in screenwriting have been able to fulfill a longstanding ambition – to write my first feature film script.